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Test And Tag Tips #5

By |2nd March, 2017|Article|

TEST And TAG TIPS Part 5 John Blackburn explains; "What paperwork you need for your test and tag program".   Welcome back, I’m John from ACME Test and [...]

Test and Tag Tips #4

By |23rd January, 2017|Article|

TEST And TAG TIPS Part 4   John Blackburn answers the question; "Why do you need to have your appliances tested and tagged?". Welcome back, John from [...]

OH&S Extends Beyond Your Workforce

By |12th January, 2017|Article|

Do your OH&S obligations relate to just your own work force? The directors of three businesses faced the Melbourne Magistrates Court last Monday to answer charges laid by WorkSafe Vic [...]

Test and Tag Tips #3

By |7th December, 2016|Video|

TEST And TAG TIPS Part 3 John Blackburn goes back to basics and answers one of the most common questions he is asked;  "What is testing and tagging?".   [...]

Test And Tag License Part 2

By |21st November, 2016|Video|

GETTING YOUR TEST And TAG LICENSE - Part 2   Debunking a few myths about getting a test and tag license. Important information for technicians, business owners and OHS Managers.   [...]

Test and Tag Tips #2

By |15th November, 2016|Video|

TEST And TAG TIPS Part 2 John Blackburn provides some insights into the retest intervals you need to apply to your appliances when having them tested and tagged.   [...]

Test and Tag Tips #1

By |8th November, 2016|Video|

TEST And TAG TIPS Part 1 What are those black bits on the pins on an electrical plug? John Blackburn unveils the mystery.   Today I want to go [...]

Why Do We Need To Test And Tag

By |21st October, 2016|Article|

WHY DO WE NEED TO TEST AND TAG APPLIANCES The question is often asked about why it is necessary to test and tag appliances and if it's not mandated [...]

Test & Tag Fraud Alert

By |21st October, 2016|Article|

TEST AND TAG FRAUD CONTINUES Several years ago I wrote a post that appeared on another blog site about how a prospective client had been ripped off and left [...]

Spot The Problem 1

By |12th October, 2016|Regulations|

Can you spot the problem? This is a picture of a tag that was found on one of the appliances a client recently asked us to test and tag during [...]