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Electric Heaters Recalled

By |11th August, 2017|Recall|

RECALL ALERTS ISSUED FOR COMMON HEATERS Safety alerts and recall notices have been issued on a number of popular electric heaters. We regularly see heaters of these types in workplaces, [...]

Teen electrocuted using smartphone in bath

By |11th July, 2017|Article|

Teen dies from electrocution by using smartphone while taking a bath Madison Coe A Texas teen died Sunday morning while using her smartphone in a bathtub, according to [...]

Woman gets electric shock from fridge

By |12th June, 2017|Article|

Woman taken to hospital after electric shock at Gawler Hotel A woman has been taken to hospital after suffering an electric shock at a hotel in Adelaide’s north. Emergency services [...]

Last Test And Tag Course Dates 2016- 2017 EOFY

By |5th June, 2017|test tag course, test-tag|

Last Test Tag Course For End Of Financial Year Released. This is your last opportunity to train up your own in-house test and tag technician during this financial year. Limited [...]

Austral Fisheries charged over electrocution death

By |26th May, 2017|Article|

Austral Fisheries charged over electrocution death on prawn trawler Ryan Donoghue One of Australia's largest commercial fishing companies has been charged over the electrocution of a young man [...]

6 year old boy experiences electric shock

By |22nd May, 2017|Article|

6-year-old boy hospitalised after electric shock A six year old boy has been transported to Gladstone Hospital after suffering an electric shock at a Kirkwood home this afternoon. Emergency services [...]

Test And Tag Tips #5

By |2nd March, 2017|Article|

TEST And TAG TIPS Part 5 John Blackburn explains; "What paperwork you need for your test and tag program".   Welcome back, I’m John from ACME Test and [...]

Test and Tag Tips #4

By |23rd January, 2017|Article|

TEST And TAG TIPS Part 4   John Blackburn answers the question; "Why do you need to have your appliances tested and tagged?". Welcome back, John from [...]

OH&S Extends Beyond Your Workforce

By |12th January, 2017|Article|

Do your OH&S obligations relate to just your own work force? The directors of three businesses faced the Melbourne Magistrates Court last Monday to answer charges laid by WorkSafe Vic [...]

Test and Tag Tips #3

By |7th December, 2016|Video|

TEST And TAG TIPS Part 3 John Blackburn goes back to basics and answers one of the most common questions he is asked;  "What is testing and tagging?".   [...]