About ACME Test and Tagging

About ACME Test and Tagging


Who We Are

Founded by John Blackburn in 2007, ACME is a privately owned, specialist test and tag contracting business servicing the Greater Melbourne area.

Testing and tagging is what we do day-in-day-out and yes, we really enjoy doing it; it's about the work, the people we meet and knowing we are contributing to making workplaces safer places.

With over 12 years experience and +450,000 appliance tests behind us we are recognised as experts within the test and tag industry.

What We Do

We specialise in providing fast, efficient and reliable test and tagging services for any workplace that takes their safety seriously.

From dusty building sites to corporate offices and everything in between, we can look after you.

Our simple motto is "If you plug it in, we can test and tag it for you.… more info

ACME supports a number of charities, not-for-profit organisations and other worthy causes including CFA, Vic SES, Movember and Wellways Australia.

We also provide test and tag training courses through our training division Test And Tag Standards Australia


What We Don't Do

A big part of what makes us different and have a very high client retention rate are the things we exclude from our services - here are some of them;

  • No hidden extras
    All expected charges are documented and revealed up-front
  • No trickle pricing
    Unlike the "budget operators" and "premium services", we wont sting you with a long list of charges you expected to be included
  • No lock-in contracts
    We believe good service is rewarded by return visits, so it keeps us on our toes and stops us becoming complacent
  • No phantom testing
    You'll never be charged for testing that wasn't done. Our unique 4 way cross-matching system delivers full accountability
  • No over-servicing
    You wont get tricked into unrealistically short retest intervals or services that aren't needed
  • No franchisee loadings
    We are an independent private company, so we don't need to load up our invoices just to cover franchise fees and royalties
  • No tricks, No bull, No fuss
    We don't need to rely on tricks and spin to prosper.


What Makes Us Different

Managing a workplace OH&S program can be a very time consuming and stressful role. The test and tag program often stays on the to-do list due to more pressing issues that seem to arise nearly every day. We get that!

With this in mind we developed our unique 5 STEP SAFER WORKPLACE program that removes all the time and hard work out of running a test and tag program for you. It takes you from an exposed position to a protected position and keeps you there.

It's the quickest, simplest and easiest way to maintain a fully compliant test and tag program in your workplace.

Here's the best part of it for you... you'll will only need to spend around 5 minutes of your time on your program between our visits.

And that’s where our name ACME comes from - Appliance Compliance Made Easy.


Our Goal

Having a fully compliant test and tag program in place is an essential part of every workplace safety program.

Our goal is to make that as easy as possible for you.

All it takes is one phone call or email to get started. Why not give us a call now!


Our Guarantee

When it comes to electricity safety there are very few second chances. You need to be 100% sure everything is done right, first time, every time so you, your business and your people are protected.

You also need to be sure your test and tag program will pass every safety audit. That’s why we provide you with our exclusive Peace Of Mind Guarantee.

Acme Test and Tagging Peace of Mind Guarantee
All our testing and tagging services are guaranteed to comply with AS/NZS 3760 and will be given a ‘tick of approval’ by any WorkSafe Inspector. Should there be any issues, we will rectify them for you free of charge.

The Boring Bits

ACME Test and Tagging:

  • Is a registered company with ASIC under the Corporations ACT 2001
  • Is registered for GST
  • Is registered with EBIX Trade Monitors
  • Holds Public Liability ($20m) & WorkCover insurance policies
  • Is Committed to AS/NZS 3760 compliance