Testing and Tagging Service Melbourne

With over twelve years of looking after workplaces across the Greater Melbourne area, you can be confident if you plug it in ACME can test and tag it for you and get you 100% compliant.



General Appliance Testing

If you plug it in, we can test and tag it.

From extension leads to computers, from vacuums to welders and everything in between, we can do them for you.

Our service is fast, cost effective and undertaken with a minimum of disruption to your normal routine. On completion, you receive a set of fully compliant reports that compliment your safety program.  ... more info

Electrical Leads

Trade Tool Testing

Special requirements and regulations apply to the testing and tagging of trade tools. These include specific retest intervals, change-over grace periods and specific colour coding system of the tags.

Don’t risk getting caught by the site safety office; get your trade tools correctly tested and tagged on time, every time.

Power Tools


Safety Switch Testing / RCD Testing

RCDs (residual current devices), or safety switches as they are commonly called, are important safety devices that can save your life; but only if they are working and react (trip) fast enough.

Our technicians will check the trip time of your fixed and portable RCDs using specialised equipment that is accurate to within 1 millisecond (1/1,000th of a second).

Safety Switches

Three Phase Appliance Testing

The testing and tagging of three phase appliances requires specialised test equipment and procedures due to their complexity, higher voltages and often higher current ratings.

Our technicians are trained and experienced in the correct and safe testing and tagging techniques for a wide range of three phase appliances and leads; including 10 amp, 20 amp & 32 amp rated appliances with 4 or 5 pin plugs.

This means you wont have to engage a second person to come in and do them for you.

Three Phase

Heavy Duty Appliance Testing

The testing and tagging of your heavy duty appliances has to be done 100% correctly due to the extra dangers with the higher currents.

We will safely check your appliances with ratings of 10 Amps, 15 Amps and even up to 20 Amps.

15 Amp

Appliance Repair Services

Don’t get caught without that much needed appliance because it failed the safety check and now you have to send it away for repair.

We provide a same day, on-site minor repair service to keep you going.  Technicians carry common spare parts and can do a range of repairs on-the-spot including;

  • replace plug tops and sockets to leads
  • replace damaged leads on power tools and other appliances
  • refit detached flex grommets
  • and many more

Repairs and Leads



Bulk lot test and tag services
Have you got a lot of similar or the same type of appliance that needs test and tagging?

Our bulk lot test and tag service provides fast turn around and full documentation. Generous discounts start with lots as small as 50 items.

Simply tell us what you have and when you need it all done by and we’ll come up with a great deal for you.

Bulk Lots


Same day test and tag service
Need your electrical appliances test and tagged within the next few hours or days?

Have you just discovered the tags on your appliances have expired and you can’t get on-site until they are retested?

Has work stopped because you have been caught out by an over-zealous safety officer?

Do you have a safety audit looming and the testing and tagging hasn’t been done or is out of date?

Don’t panic! We can do jobs within the Greater Melbourne area on short notice; from a few days notice to sometimes just a few hours.

By appointment only.
We also have a drop off service; $75-00 for first 10 general appliances, then $5-00 each (strictly COD).
For small jobs you can drop them off, go for a coffee while we do them and then return to collect them checked and tagged.

Urgent Jobs

Whether you have a handful of appliances or a few thousand, one phone call and your problem will be solved.