Three Phase Appliance Testing

Three Phase Appliance Testing Service

Three phase appliances and leads present a much higher risk of electric shock to users because;

  1. they operate at 415V, which is significantly greater than standard 240V mains voltage
  2. many operate at much higher current ratings
  3. are often used in hostile environments

This greater risk means all your three phase appliances that plug into an outlet must be test and tagged on a regular basis as part of your electrical appliance safety  and test and tag program. (hard wired appliances do not need to be tested and tagged)

The most common mistake we see made when testing and tagging three phase appliances is the method used to test the insulation of the appliance. Performing the standard insulation resistance test (aka the mega test) is only suitable for a very limited number of applications. Electromechanical switches, soft starts and variable speed drives (and more) are very common place with three phase appliances and require alternative testing methods that must be followed in order to achieve compliance with AS/NZS 3760 requirements.

Incorrect testing methods can damage appliances and fail to detect potentially dangerous defects.

ACME technicians are experienced in testing and tagging a wide range of three phase appliances. They know how to correctly test and tag three phase appliances with a 4 or 5 pin plug and from 10 amp ratings up to 32 amps.

The process we follow minimises any disruption to your normal routine or production – usually limiting downtime to just a few minutes.