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RCD testing melbourne

RCD Testing

RCDs (residual current devices), or safety switches as they are often called, are important electrical safety devices that can save lives; but only if they […]
3 pin plug

What Is An Earthed Appliance?

What is an earthed appliance?
Electric Shock warning

Most Electric Shocks Happen In The Workplace

Where do most electric shock incidents occur? A report issued by the Australian Institute of Health And Welfare reveals the most common place for people […]
Computer With Blocked Vent

Computer Safety Tip

Computer Safety Tip When testing and tagging office appliances, I often see computers with a safety issue that has gone undetected for quite a while. […]
Mobile Service Technician

Managing Retest Intervals for Mobile Services

Managing Retest Intervals for Mobile Services Due to the mobile nature of their operation, businesses that provide on-site services away from their home base need […]
St John Ambulance

Electric Shock What To Do

What to do when an electric shock happens. Electric shock incidents can happen at any time and without prior warning. Here is a quick guide […]
protective earth circuit by TATSA

Why Do Some Appliances Have An Earth?

Why Do Some Appliances Have An Earth? Have you noticed some appliances have an earth and some don’t?   Maybe you bought a light fitting from […]
Test and tag license check

Test and Tag License

Every month our test and tag training division receives at least one enquiry from someone wanting to do a test and tag license check.
RCD testing melbourne

RCD Testing Requirements Construction Sites

RCD and Safety Switch Testing Requirements On Construction Sites Victoria “Do we need to get our RCDs on construction sites tested every month?”  I get […]