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Test and tag license check

Test and Tag License

Every month our test and tag training division receives at least one enquiry from someone wanting to do a test and tag license check.
RCD testing melbourne

RCD Testing Requirements Construction Sites

RCD and Safety Switch Testing Requirements On Construction Sites Victoria “Do we need to get our RCDs on construction sites tested every month?”  I get […]
workshop hostile environment

Hostile Environment

A necessary part of any test and tag program is to ensure the appliances are test and tagged at regular intervals. The main factor that […]
Acme test and tagging melbourne

Who Can Test And Tag Appliances?

I often get asked “Who can test and tag appliances?” The answer is usually fairly simple – they need to be a competent person. The […]
Construction site sign

Test and Tag Requirements On Construction Sites Victoria

Portable electrical appliances used on Victorian construction sites must be test and tagged at intervals no greater than every three months and a colour coded […]
Matt Golinski Fire Survivor

Electrical board probable cause of fire- killing wife and 3 kids

Matt Golinski: I didn’t want to be alive after fire killed my wife and kids
Electrocution Response- What to do

Would You Know What To Do?

If you came across a person who just received an electric shock would you know what to do? What if you walked into a room […]
Electric Shock Definition

How Much Electricity Will Give You A Shock

Welcome back and welcome to Rose Cottage – yes I’m living up in the hills now and it’s beautiful. We’ve all used electrical appliances before […]

Test And Tag Tips #6

Welcome back,  I’m John from ACME Test and Tagging. It’s been a while since we last spoke that’s because it’s been a very hectic couple […]