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Test And Tag Melbourne
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Don’t Risk It. Protect Your Business and Your People

Electricity is dangerous. It is silent and can seriously injure, permanently disfigure or even kill a healthy adult in the blink of an eye. Workcover and the courts could hold you partially or fully responsible for any serious electric shock incident in your workplace. Don’t risk that happening in your workplace… get protected.

ACME Test and Tagging is the leading provider of electrical appliance testing and tagging services for all types and sizes of workplaces. Our test and tag Melbourne service helps protect you, your business and your people from the effects of electric shock incidents.

With over 10 years experience, we are test and tagging experts;

  • We make it quick and easy to achieve compliance
  • We turn up on time
  • Trained, experienced and uniformed technicians
  • Minimal disruption to your normal routine
  • Easy to read reports
  • Free reminder service to keep you compliant
  • Our Peace of Mind Guarantee give you exactly that

Our systems have been developed and refined to the point where we do nearly all the work for you;  in most situations you will only need to spend about 5 minutes of your time between our visits to keep your program up to date and fully compliant.

Just getting started? We can explain to you in plain English exactly what you do and don’t need to have done.

Need it fast? Ask us about our fast track program that gets your program up and running for you in next to no time.

Program not working? We can get everything back on track for you so your workplace is a safer workplace for everyone.


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Protect Your Business And Your People

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Some of the workplaces we help protect


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