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    There is simply no sense in leaving yourself exposed to the serious human and financial risks that just a single electrical shock incident in your workplace can lead to.

    When you don't have the electrical appliances in your workplace tested and tagged on a regular basis you are risking the lives of your staff, exposing your assets to legal attack and leaving yourself open to breaches of workplace safety laws.

    ACME Test and Tagging Melbourne service is designed to help protect you, your people and your business.

    We do this through our exclusive 5 Step Safer Workplace Program that takes you from an exposed position to a protected position and keeps you there.... guaranteed.

    Find out how exposed or protected you and your business really are with a free Site Assessment.
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    Our 5 Step SAFER Workplace program takes you from an exposed position to a protected position, and keeps you there. 5 Step SAFER Workplace Program Satisfy your workplace obligations and duty of care to staff and customers. Have your electrical appliances checked regularly with our professional test and tagging program. Electrical Appliance Safety Checks Trade Tools used on construction & demolition sites require retesting every 3 months. Trade Tools 3 Monthly Checks Onsite minor repair service reduced downtime, saves costs and maintains productivity.. Minor Repair Service Like all mechanical devices RCDs (safety switches) can fail. They must be checked regularly to ensure they are actually protecting you. RCD inspection & testing service Meet Your workplace safety obligations. ACME will ensure compliance with: AS/NZS 3760 and AS/NZS 3012 Satisfy Workplace Health & Safety As a value added free service, we test for microwave oven radiation leakage while on site. Free Microwave Oven Testing Your office appliances also come under the scope of your test and tag program. Ask about our special Office Package. Office Appliance Test and Tagging STOP IMMEDIATELY. Don’t risk loss of life. Tools down immediately if you get a tingle, see arcing or there's unusual noise from the electrical appliance. Don't Risk An Electric Shock If you or your staff have experienced an electric shock near miss, act now to make your workplace safe. Life is too precious to delay. Near Misses Lead To Fatalities Damaged plugs and leads are common defects we can rectify on the spot for you. Plug, Socket and Lead Replacement Three phase appliance testing and tagging requires specialised training and testing skills, which we have and are licensed to practice. Includes all 4 and 5 pin plugs and 10, 20, 32 Amp appliances. Three Phase Appliance Testing