RCD Testing Service

RCD Testing Service Melbourne

You can trust ACME’s RCD testing service to ensure your RCD’s are protecting you and your team. Our non-destructive service is fast, accurate and cost-effective.

Why have them checked?
RCDs are highly effective at preventing electric shock arising from use of a faulty appliance or lead… but only if they are working correctly. A faulty RCD or one that is slow to trip can put lives at risk.

Our RCD testing service includes:

  • Guaranteed compliance with Safety Inspection Standard AS/NZS 3760.
  • Portable and fixed devices as well as those incorporated into leads.
  • Trip time testing to detect devices that react too slowly or not at all – accurate to within 8 milli-seconds  (8/1,000 of a second).
  • A detailed report showing the exact trip times and PASS/FAIL outcome.
  • Optional testing for nuisance tripping, short circuit simulation testing and a diagnostic “ramp test”.

We also perform an earth continuity and leakage current tests on all portable RCDs.


Push button tests are unreliable and do not verify that the RCD is working correctly. Never rely solely on a push button test when safety is concerned.

Contact ACME today to get your RCDs / Safety Switches tested.