RCD Testing Melbourne

RCD Testing Melbourne

You can trust ACME’s RCD testing service in Melbourne to ensure your RCD’s are protecting you and your team.

Our service is fast, non-destructive, accurate and fully documented.

Why it’s important to have your RCDs checked
The use of RCDs has long been recognised as a highly effective way to protect people against electric shocks from the use of faulty appliances and leads. But they can only protect you if they are working correctly.

RCDs are devices used to detect an imbalance in the current flow on a circuit or when excessive current is flowing to earth. When this happens, the RCD will trip and turn off that circuit faster than the blink of an eye.

An RCD that is slow to trip or fails to trip can put lives at risk. This is why they must be regularly tested by trained technicians using properly calibrated test equipment.

Our RCD testing service includes:

  • RCD trip time testing to detect devices that react too slowly or not at all.
  • Testing of portable RCDs, such as in power boards
  • Testing of fixed RCDs, such as those in switchboards
  • Guaranteed compliance with the standard AS/NZS 3760.
  • A detailed report showing the exact trip times and PASS/FAIL outcome.
  • Optional testing for nuisance tripping, short circuit simulation testing and a diagnostic “ramp test”.

We also perform an earth continuity and leakage current tests on all portable RCDs.

Note:  RCDs are also known as safety switches. We provide safety switch testing! It is the same service as described here.


The “push button” test method is a quick way to check if the RCD will trip. However, it can not be used to certify the RCD is reacting within the maximum time limit. Never rely solely on a push button test to determine your RCD is working correctly.

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