OH&S Extends Beyond Your Workforce

Do your OH&S obligations relate to just your own work force? The directors of three businesses faced the Melbourne Magistrates Court last Monday to answer charges laid by WorkSafe Vic [...]

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Why Do We Need To Test And Tag

WHY DO WE NEED TO TEST AND TAG APPLIANCES The question is often asked about why it is necessary to test and tag appliances and if it's not mandated [...]

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Test & Tag Fraud Alert

TEST AND TAG FRAUD CONTINUES Several years ago I wrote a post that appeared on another blog site about how a prospective client had been ripped off and left [...]

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What You didn’t Want To Know About Your Power Bill

Ever wondered why your power bill keeps going up despite you doing the right thing to cut your consumption? Here is the answer you didn't want to hear. Makes the [...]

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RCD Testing Requirements

Testing requirements for RCD & Safety Switch used in workplaces Residual Current Devices (RCDs) - also known as "safety switches" - are an important safety device that provide protection against [...]

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Tag Colours for Test and Tagging

As part of the test and tagging process, and after performing the visual inspection and electrical testing of an appliance, you need to attached a tag displaying the overall PASS [...]

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New To Service Tag Requirements

When you put a brand new appliance into service for the first time, the Standard AS/NZS 3760 provides the option for the appliance to have a new to service (NTS) [...]

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Office equipment test and tagging

What are the requirements relating to the test and tagging of office equipment? It would be a pretty fair bet to say every modern office or administration centre would contain [...]

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Test Tag Regulations Victoria

What are the regulations relating to test and tagging in Victoria? When doing quotes for a potential clients or helping existing ones with a services review, I am often asked [...]

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What Is AS/NZS 3760

WHAT IS AS/NZS 3760 The Standard AS/NZS 3760 "In-service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment" is a document that is widely used for test and tagging of portable [...]

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