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Not all electrical appliances used in your workplace need to be test and tagged.

The Standard AS/NZS 3760 includes details of a number of types of appliances that can be excluded.

The main exclusions are:

  • Appliances that are “hard wired” to the power supply ie they don’t have a plug or connecting device and can’t be unplugged from the supply outlet
  • Demonstration stock used in retail and wholesale outlets
  • Are installed at a height greater than 2.5 metres from the floor or platform

Full details can be found in Section 1.1 of the Standard.

The reason for these exclusions is mainly because these types of appliances are deemed to be impractical to test or tag or present a very low risk of electric shock.

In Australia appliances that are brand new and being put into service for the first time can have a “new to service” tag attached without undergoing the full test and tag procedure.

As part of our test and tagging service ACME provides a free on-site workplace assessment service to help you identify what needs to be done and what doesn’t.

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This information is general in nature, should be used as a guide only and read in conjunction with the relevant Standard(s), State and/or Federal Legislation, Codes of Practice and Industry Standards specific to your workplace. A proper risk assessment should be under taken before acting on the information provided in this document or any related material. Further information can also be obtained from your local Workplace Authority, Electrical Safety Authority or a suitably qualified persons.