New To Service Tag Requirements

/New To Service Tag Requirements

When you put a brand new appliance into service for the first time, the Standard AS/NZS 3760 provides the option for the appliance to have a new to service (NTS) tag attached in lieu of having it fully test and tagged.

The Standard states;

In Australia, equipment that is new and entering into service for the first time but not tested and tagged shall have a tag applied that includes the following information:
(i) Wording, “new to service”
(ii) Date of entry to service
(iii) Date when next test is due
(iv) Statement, “This appliance has not been tested in accordance with AS/NZS 3760”.

Important Note: In line with the requirements for test and tagging appliances, new-to-service appliances with a detachable lead must have a NTS tag placed on both components. For example; with a computer monitor you must apply one tag to the lead and one tag on the monitor; for a typical kettle set up, one on the lead and one on the kettle unit.

Example New To Service tag.

New To Service tag

As part of your record keeping, you should keep a track of any NTS tags issued; this could be a simple document or spreadsheet noting the date, appliance description, NTS tag number etc.






This information is general in nature, should be used as a guide only and read in conjunction with the relevant Standard(s), State and/or Federal Legislation, Codes of Practice and Industry Standards specific to your workplace. A proper risk assessment should be under taken before acting on the information provided in this document or any related material. Further information can also be obtained from your local Workplace Authority, Electrical Safety Authority or a suitably qualified persons.

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