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A faulty electrical appliance can not only be dangerous, it can be LETHAL!

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This tag could save your life

OH&S laws require every workplace must have a system in place to identify and remove faulty electrical appliances from service to prevent unsuspecting workers being injured or killed from an electric shock. Hefty penalties can be applied for non-compliance, even if no incident has occurred.

The problem is a faulty electrical appliance often looks exactly the same as a safe one. So how can you tell the difference?

Let ACME Test and Tagging take care of that for you; so you know you’re safe and your workplace complies with OH&S laws.

The ACME Test and Tagging service is a cost effective solution that is GUARANTEED to pass your workplace safety audit.  find out more

Don’t put your workers, your business or your reputation at risk! Have your workplace electrical appliances test and tagged on a regular basis by an ACME professional technician and make your workplace a safer place for everyone.

What does ACME stand for?

7 Reasons to have your electrical appliances test and tagged

7 Reasons to use ACME

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