17 Point Test Tag Program Checklist

Would Your Test Tag Program Pass A Safety Audit?

Test and tagging is now an essential part of every workplace safety program to help ensure the safety of persons using electrical appliances. Contrary to common belief, a fully compliant test tag program involves more than just getting the appliances checked every so often and having a tag put on the lead.

And there lies the problem facing those responsible for safety in their workplace;  there is very little information available about what is needed to make your test and tag program fully compliant.

On top of that, getting it wrong can have serious consequences for the business, the business owner(s) and the people working at the workplace. Here are just a few;

  • Electric shock near misses or incidents occurring
  • Getting hit with untimely and often costly Provisional Improvement Notices by a WorkSafe Inspector
  • Fines or legal action against owners, managers and supervisors for breaches of workplace safety obligations
  • Failing QA systems audits
  • Industrial relations problems with the workforce
  • Mobile technicians not being able to use their appliances on external sites

Any of these can have an adverse impact your business &/or your team.

I don't want you to get caught on the back foot, so I have put together a super easy checklist covering 17 essential components you can use to check your test and tag program is fully compliant.

You can use this checklist in many ways, including;

  1. As a template to ensure you have everything in place when setting up your program
  2. To check your existing program has everything in place
  3. As an aid when reviewing your existing program

It's a free download and you can get it right now.


John Blackburn