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What You Didn’t Want To Know About Your Power Bill

Ever wondered why your power bill keeps going up despite you doing the right thing to cut your consumption? Here is the answer you didn’t […]

APPLE Adaptor Recall

What you need to know about the APPLE adaptor recall. If you purchased or use Mac and certain iOS devices there may be a problem […]

Things We See 01

Things We See On The Job On an all too frequent occurrence we see dangerous appliances being used in the workplace and wonder why more […]

USB Charger Warning

WARNING – electrocution risk from cheap imported USB chargers We all love a bargain and if we saw a cloned electrical appliance for considerably less […]

Review Metrel AlphaPAT MI2142

Review Metrel AlphaPAT MI2142 The AlphaPat is a an automated appliance safety tester  with numerous features including automated test sequences and stores data about the […]

RCD Testing Requirements

Testing requirements for RCD & Safety Switch used in workplaces Residual Current Devices (RCDs) – also known as “safety switches” – are an important safety […]

Recall Dyson Hot and Dyson Hot Cool heater

Recall Alert The following electrical appliance is subject to recall alert issued 17th March 2014 Dyson Hot and Dyson Hot+Cool (AM04 and AM05) heater Product […]

Office equipment test and tagging

What are the requirements relating to the test and tagging of office equipment? It would be a pretty fair bet to say every modern office […]

News Report from 1981 on the Internet

I saw this and had to share it. Just goes to show that what may seemed like a far fetched idea one day can be […]