Test and Tag Tips #3

TEST And TAG TIPS Part 3 John Blackburn goes back to basics and answers one of the most common questions he is asked;  "What is testing and tagging?".   [...]

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Test And Tag License Part 2

GETTING YOUR TEST And TAG LICENSE - Part 2   Debunking a few myths about getting a test and tag license. Important information for technicians, business owners and OHS Managers.   [...]

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Test and Tag Tips #2

TEST And TAG TIPS Part 2 John Blackburn provides some insights into the retest intervals you need to apply to your appliances when having them tested and tagged.   [...]

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Test and Tag Tips #1

TEST And TAG TIPS Part 1 What are those black bits on the pins on an electrical plug? John Blackburn unveils the mystery.   Today I want to go [...]

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News Report from 1981 on the Internet

I saw this and had to share it. Just goes to show that what may seemed like a far fetched idea one day can be mainstream another. Good lesson for [...]

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Laptop fire danger

John discusses the fire hazard that can be present when using a lap top charger and provides tips on how to avoid creating an electrical fire. This follows on from [...]

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Choosing the Right Powerboard

I recently went to my local hardware store and wandered down to the electrical section. There before me was the Great Wall of Powerboards - over 45 to choose from. [...]

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Double Adaptor Dangers

Would use risk everything you have worked for by using a common electrical appliance that costs less than $2-00 ? Would use risk everything you have worked for by using [...]

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Introduction to ACME Test & Tagging

A video presentation by John Blackburn, Managing Director & Founder of ACME Test and Tagging.   If you have trouble viewing this video presentation, visit YouTube (if this [...]

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Electrostatic Testing Done The Wrong Way

A video tutorial on electrostatic discharge Had to share this.   Some people are slow learners.       Follow us on Facebook

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