Spot The Problem 1

Can you spot the problem? This is a picture of a tag that was found on one of the appliances a client recently asked us to test and tag during [...]

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RCD Testing Requirements

Testing requirements for RCD & Safety Switch used in workplaces Residual Current Devices (RCDs) - also known as "safety switches" - are an important safety device that provide protection against [...]

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Tag Colours for Test and Tagging

As part of the test and tagging process, and after performing the visual inspection and electrical testing of an appliance, you need to attached a tag displaying the overall PASS [...]

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New To Service Tag Requirements

When you put a brand new appliance into service for the first time, the Standard AS/NZS 3760 provides the option for the appliance to have a new to service (NTS) [...]

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Office equipment test and tagging

What are the requirements relating to the test and tagging of office equipment? It would be a pretty fair bet to say every modern office or administration centre would contain [...]

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